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9T Worship

Equipping worship leaders with the work ethic, perspective, and leadership skills it takes to tackle serving the local church.

Our Mission

The goal of the 9T Worship Cohort is to walk with young worship leaders as they enter new environments, tackle the obstacles of their first job, and provide perspective on the “actuals” of working in local church ministry. Many new worship leaders have a wonderful experience at a 4-year university studying ministry as a discipline only to discover that education path is only able to take them so far in preparing for DAY ONE on the job. Enter 9T Worship. We provide an accelerated, practical intensive that focus on building culture, casting vision, and refining the unique artist that lies at the heart of the worship leader. We want worship leaders to dive in, develop lasting ministries, and make real impact at the local church level.



A coach would never think about stepping onto a court or field, much less winning, without a playbook! Likewise, worship teams need a PLAYBOOK! Energize your team, build culture, cast vision, and have seamless processes, simply so your team can focus more on building and enjoying the community that lies within.

If you are brand new to worship ministry or are seasoned and just need to tighten some up some core fundamentals, 9T Worship provides you the ability to coach you in a way that will build your church’s playbook!



Can your all around church production benefit from being tightened up? Whether you’re just starting out in the worship ministry or needing to step into what’s next, 9T Worship can help you become more efficient while encouraging the culture and community you have worked so hard to create, to flourish. 9T specializes in creating VALUE by using specific tools with purpose. It’s important that your churches production and creative process are tailored specifically to you. 9T Worship can coach you up!

For more information on the 9T Worship coaching program, fill out the contact form below.